Research Laboratory

We offer R&D and contract test services for the development of new materials and for the nanomization of various types of materials to our customers. Some of the equipment in our research laboratory is introduced below.

実験室 実験室 実験室

Nanomizer Processing

【 Preliminary Emulsification, Dispersion 】

クレアミックス  High-Speed Mixer:CLM-0.8S(MTechnique)
  Propeller Mixer:SMT-101(As One)
  Tube Mixer:VTX-3500(LMS)

  The equipment above is used to perform preliminary emulsification
  and dispersion prior to using our Nanomizer for further processing and
  for the evaluation of additives and dispersion agents.

【 Nanomizer Processing 】




After the preliminary emulsification and dispersion,
the sample is processed using our Nanomizer.

The picture on the right shows the appearance of the
sample before and after processing using our Nanomizer
(diesel oil + water + emulsification agent)


The data shown below is an example of a diesel oil-water emulsion.
It can be seen that after being processed by our Nanomizer, most of the water particles cannot be differentiated any more.


Analysis, Evaluation

Material samples processed by our Nanomizer are analyzed and evaluated using the particle size distribution analyzer and laser microscope below.

■ Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Size Analyzer(Nano S):Malvern
■ Viscosity Meter(SV-1A):A&D

ゼータサイザー 粘度計2

■ Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer(SALD-7000):Shimadzu Corporation

レーザー回折式粒度分布計   data

   (The picture above shows the particle size
                           distribution of A-Heavy oil emulsion)

Depending on the particle size, the particle size distribution is measured using either the dynamic light scattering or the laser diffraction particle size distribution analyzer. For nano-sized particles, the dynamic light scattering particle size distribution analyzer is used but to verify the existence of particles more than 6 μm in size, the laser diffraction particle size distribution analyzer is used.

■ Laser Microscope(OPTELICS H1200):Laser Tech

レーザー顕微鏡    data

For observation of the particle size and verification of the agglomeration or dispersion state.
(The picture above shows A-Heavy oil emulsion before and after using Nanomizer.)

Stability Evaluation

■ Incubator(FMU-2611):Fukushima Industries Corp.


Stability tests under controlled temperature conditions over short periods of up to a few hours and long periods of more than a month can be performed using the thermostatic chambers above.