New Material & Product Possibilities

nanomizer(lab)In Japan, more than 800 companies have adopted the use of our Nanomizer in pulverizing and emulsifying various materials that were difficult to achieve using conventional technology. However, most of these were simply in response to the needs of customers who used our Nanomizer as just a method to pulverize certain materials. If one takes a close survey of our surroundings from a technological viewpoint, many useful applications in various fields can actually be thought of. For example, in any factory there are always big tanks installed in a confined area. In each of these tanks, there will be a big mixer and heater in continuous operation. By using our Nanomizer technology, in-line processing can be performed within a short period of time without using the heater, thereby reducing the energy consumption and improving the product quality. In addition, smoke can often be seen coming out of the chimney. If Nanomizer technology is employed, this smoke can be reduced drastically. Among many other possible uses such as improving the performance of electronic parts like condensers, producing tasty soy milk, decomposing enzymes within a short time, reducing energy consumption in processing vegetable oils etc, the range of applications can be considered to be infinite.