Environmental Energy Technology

Numerous measures and regulations have been established in response to the environmental issues faced by modern society today. These include setting wide-ranging CO2  reduction targets at the national level, regulating the NOx and SOx emissions from large vessels and shifting towards the use of bio-fuels based on the EU directive on renewable energy, The application and commercialization of both effective and practical environmental energy technology to resolve such problems is an immediate and common concern to all.

Our nanomization technology is the result of long years of research and is considered the most technologically advanced micronization technology available in the world today. Positioning this as a form of environmental energy technology, we aim to promote the latest and most practical solutions to resolve such environmental problems widely in the industrial world. So long as there are no cost merits, it will be difficult to shift from fossil fuel to bio-fuels. Therefore improvement in fuel consumption must always go hand-in-hand with any reduction in NOx. We are aware of this and instead of simply being confined to the research laboratory, we combine both the mechanical and chemical aspects of our environmental energy technology to create realistic and applicable solutions that we aim to commercialize by performing verification tests jointly with many companies. With this as our core principle, we hope to make contributions towards our society through our environmental science business in future.