Verification Tests

The improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction in emission gases have been verified through the results of verification tests conducted in almost 30 locations. 

Asphalt Plant

An actual verification test was conducted on-site at an asphalt plant on the aggregate drier, heating kiln and related generator and construction machinery for more than a year.

demo1-3 demo1-2

(Test Conditions)
Emulsion Fuel = A-Heavy Oil: 80%, Water:18%, Surfactant: 2.0%
Comparison of fuel oil flow volume (100% A-Heavy Oil vs 80% Emulsion Fuel)
Composite material maintained at 160℃ (tested alternately with A-Heavy Oil and Emulsion Fuel)
Recycled material drier burner (Tanaka Iron Works TRD-45 EL-30A)
Construction equipment (Hitachi ZAXIS 200)
Generator (Caterpillar 400 456kVA, 3 phase 60 Hz)

The system has since been implemented at this asphalt plant.

Automobile Chassis Dynamometer Test –
            JARI (Japan Automobile Research Institute

JARI is a corporation that conducts research and tests relating to automobiles and road transport in Japan.  It is a collaboration between Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the country’s main car manufacturers and is a public institution that is the foremost authority on the evaluation of automobiles.


(Test Conditions)
Test Vehicle: Nissan Caravan (5 M/T, direct injection diesel turbo engine ZD30DDTi)
Common rail-type fuel injection system equipped with crude EGR, Diesel Particulate Filter)
Test Fuel: Diesel Oil (control)
Diesel Oil Nano-Emulsion Fuel (Oil : Water = 85 :15)

Automobile Running Test

Based on the JARI test results, a test run was conducted at a constant speed at a test course.

demo3-1 demo3-2

(Test Conditions)
Test Vehicle: 3-6-1 Same vehicle as the JARI test
Test Fuel: Diesel Oil (control)
Diesel Oil Nano-Emulsion Fuel (Oil : Water = 85 : 15)
Diesel Oil Nano-Emulsion Fuel (Oil : Water = 75 : 25)
Others: The test was run at a constant speed of 50 km/hr around a 1km long course

Small Vessel

A test was conducted on an actual vessel with the aim of verifying the impact on the engine and fuel efficiency in a small vessel.

(Test Conditions)
Test Vessel: Gross Tonnage Approx. 15 tons, Length Overall 13.77m, Moulded Width4.5m,
       Moulded Depth 1.9m
Main Engine: Yanmar 6KEK-DT X 1 unit, Horsepower 330ps, Revolution Speed: 1,900 / 571 rpm

Test Fuel: A-Heavy Oil (control)
A-Heavy Oil Nano-Emulsion Fuel (Oil : Water = 85 : 15)
Test Period: Nov 2007 – Sep 2008 (11 months)

After a period of continuous operation, it was verified that there was no impact on the engine internal parts.


Small Power Generators

A test was conducted on the auxiliary engine (generator) of a fishing vessel in a seafood processing plant.

(Test Conditions)
Engine: Yanmar 6HAL, Water-Cooled 6 Cylinder, Rated Output 90kW / 1,200 rpm
Generator: Taiyo Electrical, Rated Output 80kVA 64kW
Load: Fans for drying sardines, 20 units
Test Fuel: A-Heavy Oil (control)
A-Heavy Oil Nano-Emulsion Fuel (Oil : Water = 85 : 15)