Particle Size Control

Rather than simply being able to reduce particle size, our system is able to control the particle size by adjusting the type of generator used, additive added, operating pressure and number of passes etc. As an example, the particle size control of liposome is given here.


A liposome is a closed-cell body (nano-capsule) that is composed of a bi-layer membrane formed by phospholipids that are derived from a bio-membrane.As the structure is similar to a bio-membrane, it can possibly be used as a carrier for pharmaceutical drugs. Depending on the application, various size particles may be required but presently, it is difficult to achieve a sharp density distribution mono-modally.


Using our company’s Nanomizer technology and know-how,
we are able to control the liposome particle size and achieve various density distributions.

【 Median Diameter 30nm Example 】


Liposome Liposome

Particle Size Control in Liposome Anti-Cancer Agent

Anti-cancer drugs that target cancer cells directly by using a liposome containing useful harmaceutical ingredients are being developed. Cancer cells propagate by forming neo-vascular vessels which are about twice the diameter of normal capillary vessels. Consequently, by controlling the particle size using our Nanomizer Technology such that it is bigger than the capillary vessels but smaller than the neo-vascular vessels, anti-cancer drugs injected into the blood stream can be made to take effect on only the cancer cells. In other words, a highly effective anti-cancer drug with no side-effects is possible.