Scope of Businesses, Track Records

Our company and our partners service the various needs of our customers.

1.Development of super-micronization technology and
  nano-technology related equipment

Development, manufacture and sales of Nanomizer laboratory and mass production models and various options.
Rental of Nanomizer laboratory models.
Custom-made orders. (Nanomizer with special specifications, various in-line type automatic emulsification systems and others)
※Test services (chargeable) for evaluation purpose available →

2.Application Proposal and Development

Development of nano-emulsion fuel and production systems, optimization of fuel application conditions.
Development of energy-saving processes for the degumming and decoloring of vegetable oils.
Development of production process for soy milk using whole wheat flour.

3.Contract & Joint Development

Development support for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and supplements products.
Development of various emulsions  Others

4.Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturing and processing of cosmetics raw materials
Manufacturing and processing of paints and electronic materials  Others

5.Track Records

Lion Mitsubishi Kasei Ajinomoto
Shiseido Nippon Shokubai Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical
Asahi Glass Daiichi Pharmaceutical Fuji Zerox
Sumitomo Chemical Fuji Electric Morinaga Milk
Fuji Film    

※Approximately 800 units have been sold to other customers besides the above.