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The first ten years of the 21th century was the decade of “globalization”.
In the next decade, the movement of people, goods and capital will proceed at an accelerated pace on a global scale. Along with the economic competition and race for access to resources between nations, damage to the ecological system and global environment is expected to become worse. Protecting the earth is a key issue that needs to be shared by all humans around the world.

I believe the first step to resolve this issue should start from the following 3 items below:

“To treasure our limited resources”

“To value the goods we produce”

“To recycle our waste to the maximum extent possible”

From the three points of view above, the 21th century would certainly be a time to have a sweeping review of the value of all materials and to value-add once again.

Since the company’s establishment, we have been developing technologies for the micronization of materials. Our early focus on cavitation-based energy has led to the development of a technology that is able to generate cavitation most effectively under the same pressure. Through our research and development efforts in the last 30 years, we have accumulated a lot of know- how and obtained many patents. To promote our technology in the market, we have also offered our expertise in collaboration with several companies in Japan. As a result, our “High-pressure, Wet-type Micronization System” has been adopted by many customers in a wide range of industries in a gradually maturing market.

Currently our company has started a new initiative. This is to develop the next-generation Nanomizer Technology for even greater micronization and to develop production systems to produce New Fuel alternatives (Nano-Emulsion Fuel, Bio-fuel). Nano-Emulsion Fuel has already been commercialized as a new fuel which is not only environmentally-friendly in reducing CO2, NOX, PM and Smoke but at the same time also reduces fuel cost by improving fuel efficiency. We plan to promote the broad use of this new “Eco-Fuel” globally for large vessels, industrial furnaces, boilers, power generators and so forth, with the aim of developing a business which serves to improve our earth’s environment.

Our Nanomizer Technology which enables highly advanced micronization is expected to be widely adopted in various fields in many industries. As the pioneer of the “High-Pressure, Wet-Type Micronization System”, we hope to continue to lead the industry with pride. Through further research and development efforts, we view nano-technology as a form of environment science technology to achieve effective utilization of our limited resources and to contribute to society by improving our earth’s environment.


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